Brussels soon to be a Low Emission Zone


The Brussels Region has decided to take action to improve air quality in the capital and will therefore become a low emission zone in January 2018.

The air in our capital is becoming increasingly polluted and the main causes are the number and age of the vehicles on its roads.  To manage the problem, the city has decided to become a Low Emission Zone (LEZ). This means that the most polluting vehicles will not be allowed inside the designated zone.

In practical terms, the bans on each category of vehicle will be introduced gradually, depending on the age of the model. The most polluting vehicles, i.e. the oldest, will be banned in 2018. This means that diesel vehicles registered before 1997 will be the first to be banned.

This type of measure is important because pollution has several harmful effects for the health of everyone in the capital, but particularly the elderly, children and the sick. Polluted air increases the risks of respiratory problems and disorders as well as irritation of the eyes and nasal passages and reduces respiratory and other capacities. A ban on certain vehicles will be a beneficial change for the capital's air quality and health.

To find out which vehicles are affected or for any additional information, visit: