Belgian company prints chocolate in 3D


The Belgian company La Miam Factory has designed a printer to print chocolate in 3D. Using the specialised 3D printers, this Namur-based start-up company can also engrave logos or messages on chocolate and biscuits.

For years Belgium has been a leader when it comes to chocolate. Indeed, foreigners associate Belgian chocolate with the best quality. In order to maintain their lead, Belgian chocolate makers continue trying to refine their products. The start-up is helping them to take a further step, or rather layer! Indeed, the company in the Namur area has developed four 3D printers, which add layer upon layer of melted chocolate to the chosen object.

The printed chocolate can be eaten straight away, after a production process of between ten minutes and three hours. A number of companies have already made use of the company's services for the purpose of business gifts. After all, the specialised 3D printers can be used to engrave logos or messages on chocolate and biscuits. La Miam Factory confirms that dark chocolate is currently the most popular, but that milk and white chocolate are also available.