Belgian aerospace industry reaches new heights


The Belgian Foreign Trade Agency has launched a brochure on the Belgian aerospace industry. This demonstrates that Belgium is one of the major players in this sector. Our country continues to strive for a peaceful approach to aerospace.

In 1968, fifty years ago from now, Belgium went to Vienna to join the first United Nations Conference on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNISPACE). Ever since, our country has assumed an important role in aerospace and has played a crucial part in the founding of the European Space Agency (ESA).

Belgium continues to focus on a policy ensuring that investments made in space and scientific research are there for the benefit of the planet. Space can play an important role in things such as the battle against climate change and achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

However, it goes beyond simply policy making. Belgium has one of the world's largest budgets for aerospace per capita and ranks among the top five countries when it comes to investments in the ESA. The country is also home to many specialised and innovative companies in the aerospace and aviation industries.

More information can be found in the brochure ‘Belgian Aerospace’ which can be downloaded here (PDF).