Are we all Belgians?


A analysis of rehistoric DNA shows that all Europeans descend from a single founding group of humans living in Belgium

A team of experts from Harvard University analysed genome-wide data of 51 modern human species who lived on the continent between 45,000 and 7,000 years ago. Researchers were able to highlight the most resistant groups of humans; the location and age of these humans is shown.

Published in the journal Nature, the study shows that different groups of Europeans descend from a unique “founding” population from the caves of Goyet, located in the province of Namur, in Belgium. In addition, analysis of genomes of the Europeans during the Ice Age showed that they had dark skin and brown eyes, and that blue eyes and pale skin only appeared there 7,000 years ago, and came along with farmers from the Middle East.

The study on the origin of modern humans in Europe brings and restores some pride in our little Belgium. European friends, we all have some Belgian blood in your veins!