Belgium has always welcomed migrants from abroad, with people of many different nationalities making the country their home over the years, among them famous figures and intellectuals including Karl Marx, Victor Hugo, Charlotte Brontë, Alexandre Dumas, Charles Baudelaire and Auguste Rodin, to name but a few. Its central location in Europe at the crossroads between the Latin and Germanic worlds, its multilingualism and its pioneering political, social and religious freedoms have all contributed to giving Belgium its cosmopolitan character and made it into the tolerant multicultural society it is today.


A precious quality of life

Quality of healthcare, social protection, infrastructure, accommodation, telecommunications equipment, etc., Belgium occupies a leading position in most international rankings in these fields. The country offers excellent conditions for material life and intellectual life, with a rich and varied cultural offering and universities at the cutting-edge of research and education.

In Belgium, conviviality is the watchword! Village celebrations, neighbourhood festivities, music festivals or simple outings to a café, there is no shortage of opportunities for making friends. Discover just how spontaneous and friendly Belgians are.



Several websites help you to find accommodation. The Belgian real estate market is particularly stable and balanced. Whether in terms of rentals or sales, transactions remain constant. Also, Belgium benefits from a high quality real estate offering.


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