Your black, yellow and red paradise


At the start of the summer, we asked you what was your little corner of black, yellow and red paradise. Many of you told us about well-known and not-so-well-known places in our beautiful country.

While the Belgian coast, its wonderful seaside resorts and the Zwin nature reserve take first place, the High Fens with Baraque Michel and walks in the midst of a unique and unspoiled nature were also firm favourites. In the capital, La Cambre Abbey, the Petit Sablon, the Sonian Forest are just some of the calming havens in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city.

And you also inspired us with many places such as the Giant's tomb on the Boucle de la Semois cycle route, the Meuse Valley near Dinant, the Parc de Mariemont at Morlanwelz in the Hainaut for a trip incorporating nature and culture through its museum.

And in Flanders, it's the tranquillity of the Japanese Garden in Hasselt and the Valley of Oude Kale near Ghent which excite you.

And let's not forget the Eastern Cantons for a springtime stroll through the daffodil valley along the banks of the Holzwarche in the municipality of Büllingen.

And more surprisingly, Zaventem. And yes, for a Belgian living abroad, it is the place where they set foot for the first time on returning to Belgium, their black, yellow and red paradise.

Thank you to the readers who took in the survey and discover other gems on this website!