The world's best beer pub is in Lennik


'In de Verzekering tegen de Grote Dorst' (Insurance to Quench Each Thirst) in Lennik is the best pub and the second best beer destination in the world. That can be seen in RateBeer's new ranking list, one of the most important international beer websites in the world.

The characteristic local pub 'In de Verzekering tegen de Grote Dorst ' claims to have one of the most extensive selections of geuze and kriek beers in the world. But anyone who wishes to go quench his thirst, has to keep in mind that the pub is only open on Sundays and public holidays, from 10 AM to 1.30 PM.

According to RateBeer, the top 5 of best beer destinations is identical to 2014. Restaurant Akkurat in Stockholm, the best beer restaurant in the world, ranks number 1, followed by typical pub 'In de Verzekering tegen de Grote Dorst'. Biercab (Barcelona) and Mikkeler & Friends (Copenhagen) are at number 3 and four. Another Belgian pub, the Kulminator in Antwerp, completes the top 5.

There are currently seven Belgian places in the top 50 of the best beer destinations, one less than the previous year. The five other Belgian places are: restaurant De Heeren van Liedekerke (13th place), Chez Moeder Lambic Fontainas (19), brewery Cantillon (24), Chez Moeder Lambic Saint-Gilles (35), and 't Brugs Beertje (33).

A total of thirteen other Belgian businesses were awarded a gold medal. In the category 'best beer restaurant' Nüetnigenough (Brussels), Le Bier Circus (Brussels), restaurant 3 Fonteinen (Beersel) and Bierbrasserie Cambrinus (Bruges) were among the prize winners. Brewery 3 Fonteinen in Beersel is the third best brewery in the world.

Each year the internationally renowned beer website RateBeer publishes a top 50 of the best beer destinations in the world. The ratings are given by a global network of beer lovers who, following their visit to a pub, restaurant or business, give a review on the RateBeer website.