Wolf cubs have been spotted on the High Fens Plateau


A male wolf, named Akela, had settled permanently in the High Fens ( Hautes Fagnes) for nearly three years. At the end of last year, when he was joined by a female, hopes for a litter of cubs in Wallonia became reality. They are now a reality, as three cubs have been spotted on the High Fens plateau.

It was an agent of the Walloon Wolf Network, counting birds as part of ornithological surveys, who first spotted the parents, Akela and Maxima, and was then intrigued by a commotion in the thickets. After an impatient wait, he saw a little lupine face appear, which he was able to photograph. According to his estimates, there are three cubs and they were born in early June.  The small family lives in a lair that is probably close to where they were observed, as at this age the young do not stray far. The exact location has not been disclosed to preserve the tranquillity of the area.


The return of the species would mean a natural rebalancing of biodiversity, as wolves have a positive impact on fauna and flora. While this is good news for the balance of biodiversity, it is not so good for deer and wild boar, which are among its favourite prey. As far as humans are concerned, there is no need to worry as we are not on the wolf's menu.