VRT's programme Tik Tak has now conquered the BBC


It would be fair to say that Tik Tak is more popular than ever now that the BBC has adopted the Flemish preschool series.

The general public remembers Mil Lenssens, a jack-of-all-trades and the director of numerous children's programmes for the Flemish public broadcaster who was, among other things, the spiritual father of the successful series in 1981. Toddlers and preschoolers, and perhaps a lot of adults too, were hypnotised from day one as they watched Tik Tak's mix of faces, shapes and colours. They move, dance and twirl on the screen to the rhythm of repetitive and recognisable music and sounds. The sheep and the little man who drinks are the stars of the show. Developmental psychologists praise this format for its ability to stimulate children's perception, creativity and imagination.


In 2019, Tik Tak appeared on TV again, in a more modern guise. The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Israel have already bought the series and now Mexico and even the BBC have fallen for its undisputed charm. New episodes, which are still in production, will be aired on VRT in autumn 2020.


Who knows if Tik Tak will soon dethrone the other Belgian icon, the legendary children's television series Captain Zeppos? This was the very first BRT production ever purchased and dubbed by the BBC in 1966. This version has been broadcast in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Jamaica and, with subtitles, also in Egypt, Nigeria, Hong Kong and Japan. The Netherlands, Sweden and Finland also watched the series with fascination.