Typical Belgian delicacies, prepared and enjoyed all over the world


Many dishes are traditionally part of our culinary heritage, which often dates back to a glorious past. We can never cherish and promote it enough. Our foreign representations have taken over the kitchen and started cooking.

Waffles from Brussels or Liège, Ghent waterzooi, river trout with Sambre et Meuse sauce and Chimay blonde, Liège salad, chicory gratin, pan-fried sea bass with sauce vierge, chilled spinach soup, Parisian mushroom and grey shrimp parcels, Belgian chocolate mousse... The very mention of these dishes makes your mouth water. You and I have of course known how to cook these and other delicacies for a long time, but we were curious to see how the chefs of the Belgian diplomatic and consular posts would go about it. Moreover, would they also be willing to have their work filmed and shared globally? Yes of course, as they were so enthusiastic. Some opted for an appetizer, others were determined to create a main course or a dessert. And, as they are great chefs, they each added a personal touch to their creation.


According to the guests, the result was as good as expected, even though we never doubted it. Just creating a menu is festive in itself. See for yourself and try the recipe. If you feel that you have made a mistake somewhere, remember that "mistakes" have often been the source of new flavours or innovative and popular dishes.


See our chefs in action  around the world.


Bon appétit!