Two major new attractions at Pairi Daiza


A baby elephant was born at Pairi Daiza park in February. The calf ventures outside with his mother when the temperature rises above 14 degrees, so he will be more visible in the summer. Aye Chan May's baby has yet to be given a name. In a Facebook post on Friday 8 March, the zoo offered a choice of four carefully-selected names: Malee, which means jasmine flower, Jan Peng, meaning full moon, Phra Tida for daughter of God, and Sang Daw, which can be translated as starlight.

Another exceptional attraction has also been announced: the imminent arrival of axolotls. These are fish that can spend their entire life in the larval state without ever metamorphosing into adults, and can therefore reproduce in this larval state. Another characteristic for which axolotls are famous is their ability to regenerate damaged or destroyed organs. The axolotl is not only capable of regrowing a missing eye, for example, it can also restore certain damaged parts of its brain. The zoo, located in the province of Hainaut, seems very proud to be welcoming this unusual-looking marine animal which should delight the many visitors to the zoo and its aquarium, the Nautilus.