Stroll through the hanging gardens of Thuin


Nestled in the south of the Hainaut province, in the heart of Thudinie and at the convergence of the Sambre and Biesmelle, the Mediaeval city of Thuin, thanks to its special terrain, is home to hanging gardens that are worth a visit.

These terraces, built outside the ramparts of the upper city, are an integral part of the city of Thuin's history. Since the Middle Ages, they have provided gardens to grow vegetables as food for the population of the city living inside the ramparts. The walls of these terraced gardens were built from sandstone rubble, which created a microclimate leading Bourgeois and monks to also plant vines in the space. Over the years, in response to the increase in population, the terraces were extended down to the lower city. Visitors can still today pass from one part of the city to the city through the maze of narrow streets and alleyways.

Following the renovation of the walls in 2001, new vines were planted and allow a natural sweet wine under the name 'Clos des Zouaves' to be produced.

You will also have the opportunity to visit its belfry, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, and embark on a barge converted into an ecomuseum of inlandwater navigation.

What are you waiting for to visit the Thudinie region?