The Smurfs are now 100% 3D on Auvio


Belgium's blue ambassadors, the Smurfs, were born on paper in 1958. Since then, they have been translated into many different languages, and there are all kinds of variations: feature films, merchandise, theme parks and 3D cartoons. Today, the new 3D series The Smurfs is also available on Auvio.

It is around 30 years since our international icons first appeared on the small screen, and today they can be seen in a brand new 3D version on Auvio, the video channel of the French-language public broadcaster, RTBF. The series is an RTBF co-production, as 75% of production was by the Belgian animation studio DreamWall in Marcinelles, Wallonia.

Fortunately, the DNA of their creator, Peyo, has remained intact since the comic book. Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Greedy Smurf, Jokey Smurf, Grouchy Smurf... They are all still there and have lost none of their old humour; their adventures are as hilarious as ever, the situations as absurd and their jokes as good as the old ones.

Maybe there are some unpublished facts that you didn't find in our previous articles about the Smurfs in Focus on Belgium? Like the answer to the question, where does this strange French word, Schtroumph (Smurf), come from? The story goes that it all started with a ... salt cellar. Suffering from a bad cold, wanting to ask for the salt, and in the middle of a sneeze, Peyo said, the "schtroumpf!" Are there 103 or 106? All bets are off and we don't have the answer. However, we know that Peyo would have enjoyed this 3D production.