Six of our tasty goodies recognised as traditional Flemish products


Belgium is long past having to prove its reputation as a culinary paradise. Whether you wish to enjoy the fabulous traditional cuisine or prefer to fine dine in a star restaurant, the possibilities are endless.

Some of our tasty treats even earn an extra mention, provided that they respect the strictest selection criteria. Products with such culinary heritage can be recognised as being a traditional Flemish product or can even be considered for a European quality label.

The list of honours was recently extended with five cakes and one crustacean: the Adriaan Brouwer tart from Oudenaarde, the flan known as 'bakkemoezevlaai' from Limburg, Ghent's flan known as 'Gentse vlaai', the so-called geutelingen from Elst, the 'mattentaart' from Gerardsbergen and the oyster from Ostend. The ingredients used in each tempting treat are best discovered by going to taste these products for yourself. Here is a summary to get you started: flour, eggs, yeast, lightly spiced flan with peperkoek (a kind of gingerbread), speculaas biscuits and sugar syrup, milk curdled with some buttermilk, a drop of vinegar, sugar and almond essence, frangipane with some pineapple, pureed dried Conference pears with cinnamon … Enjoy.