Sharing for the environment: the key word for mobility in Brussels


In recent years, Brussels has continued to innovate in the area of mobility: thanks to the system of sharing which is common throughout the city, ways of getting about are becoming increasingly original. The shared scooter is a good example.

After the shared car, the shared moped, and even the shared bike, the shared scooter has arrived in Brussels and is already in full swing. The system is simple: using an app downloaded to a smartphone, it is now easy to locate your means of transport.  Once it has been geolocated, all you have to do is make an order via the app, and pay a very reasonable fee for your journey. In the case of the electric scooter, you will also be asked to recharge it, so that it is in working order for the next user. As soon as the order is confirmed, all you have to do is scan the code on the scooter to unlock it and borrow it. Once you arrive at your destination, simply park it correctly and indicate it as available again on the app.

This new alternative to traditional public transport is highly innovative, hence its success: it offers a variety of uses while highlighting the values of sharing and respect for the environment. However, bear in mind that the scooters are only available between 7am and 9pm, as the companies which own them prefer to put them away at night, to keep them in optimal condition and avoid possible damage or incidents.

Here are some examples of apps offering shared transport in our capital: BIRD, scooty, Troty, Cambio, Zen Car, Ubeequo, Drive Now, Zipcar, Villo!, Billy, oBike, etc.