The Sentier des Songes, a fairy-tale world.


The Sentier des Songes in Herbeumont is an extraordinary place in Belgium and one of the itineraries of the seven large cross-border loops in Belgian Lorraine.

A little over 3 kilometres long, this artistic route leads you through the magical forests and the amazing legends of Gaume Lorraine.

Indeed, many artists, known as "dream catchers", have been inspired by this place and created highly original and unusual works and installations. From a doe carved from a tree stump to a giant fish and the lovers' throne, you can discover a series of surprising creations and works that embellish this poetic place. Paintings on trees, wooden sculptures, branches and foliage intertwine to guide you through the heart of the forest, passing seven ponds filled with pure, clear water.

And there is plenty for children, as they can sit and play on the works, making this walk ideal for families too. If you love making unusual discoveries and enjoy excursions in the midst of nature, come and take a walk along this trail full of magic, romantic architecture and unusual legends.