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How would you sum up surrealist Belgium in a photo?

How about looking at Belgium from a particular angle, far from the traditional clichés?

2020 will remain firmly in our minds as the year planet earth was invaded by an invisible enemy: COVID-19. And yet Belgium, like a fair lady, continues to show her beautiful profiles to the lenses focussed on her.

Abandoned streets, people with masks, liberated nature... as well as Belgium free from lockdown with its slightly quirky, authentic side. Our cities, our nature and our gastronomy captured from a particular angle, far from the traditional clichés.

Whether you live in our country or your imagination gives birth to this Belgium from the other side of the world, capture these special moments that produce surreal images.

Go ahead and have a go!

The 20 best photos will be rewarded with100% Belgian gifts and will also be posted on our Facebook page.

Of these twenty finalists, two winners will receive the jury prize and the public prize respectively, along with gift vouchers worth 250 euros.



What are you waiting for? Get out your camera or smartphone and send us your vision of surrealist Belgium.

Please read the contest regulations carefully for more information.

Good luck!