Saffron praline is Belgium's best souvenir


Foreign tourists visiting Belgium now know which valuable and unique souvenir to take back home: a box of saffron pralines.

The pralines "Saffron Secrets", which are a particularly successful combination of saffron and chocolate, were designed by the small agricultural holding Belgische Saffraan in Morkhoven, in collaboration with chocolatier Amandino in Merelbeke.

UNIZO immediately named this artisanal product the best souvenir in the context of the design competition "Belgian Beauties". This competition focuses exclusively on entrepreneurs carrying the label "Handmade in Belgium" (HIB): they are challenged to make one unique piece.

Besides an award for the best souvenir, a prize was also awarded for the best handmade business gift. Jewellery designer and glass-blower Ann Cox from Antwerp won this prize for her "Belgian Button", a brooch or cufflinks with the tricolour.

The winners received their prize from Minister for Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders, in the presence of Princess Astrid. The event took place in the Egmont Palace in Brussels.