Safely explore Flanders by bike


The Coastal Route, the 14-18 Front Route, the Scheldt Route, the Maas Route and the Kempen Route now have two more sisters based upon the same theme: the Art Cities Route and the Green Belt Route. And soon the Hills Route and the Flanders Route will complete the list.

History, heritage, art, culture, scenic beauty! What better way to enjoy all the beauty that Flanders has to offer than by pedalling along at your own pace? Depending upon your interests or physical condition, you can choose one or another themed route, although they can of course be perfectly combined. Various tourism departments, together with the accommodation sector, tour operators and bicycle service providers, have developed this series of attractive long-distance routes. They all have their own signage in two directions.

The 332 km long Art Cities Route connects Brussels with Ostend via Leuven, Mechelen, Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges. When the final stretch is completed, you will even be able to choose the incomparable Grand Place in Brussels as your starting point. Along the way, you will find plenty of accommodation and restaurants.

The Green Belt route is a bit more modest. It will create a 126 km loop through the green belt around our capital. You can ride up and down through green valleys, imposing forests, fertile agricultural areas with the cultivation of hops, grapes and chicory, and past elegant castle estates. And of course, you will leave this region only after tasting a refreshing lambic, geuze or kriek.