Rodenbach, 200 years old and still fresh!


This summer, the Roeselare brewery is celebrating two centuries of existence. Rodenbach is a true classic in the Belgian brewing heritage; it is very popular, both in Belgium and abroad, and is the world's leading red-brown beer.

Surprising and refreshing with an attractive garnet colour, this beer remains associated with a stay at the coast in the gustatory memory of many Belgians. What do holiday-makers do when they leave the station in Ostend and find themselves on the quays of the port? They fill their lungs with sea air, are surprised by the cry of the seagulls, spot the sailboat Mercator (the former navy training ship) and then go in search of a welcoming terrace where they can peel grey shrimps and enjoy a good glass of Rodenbach.


In 1821, Alexander founded the Rodenbach Company in Roeselare, together with his sister and three of his brothers. The family also played an important role in the Belgian revolution of 1830 and in the first government of independent Belgium.


Getting back to the nectar, the secret of this exceptional beer, in addition to its skilful blend of acidity and sweetness, is undoubtedly its slow maturation in the brewery's 294 oak casks; these are large barrels 3 to 4 metres high, the oldest of which is 150 years old. However, the 200-year-old brewery is still very active, and the last few years have seen new creations. In addition to Rodenbach Classic, customers can now enjoy Rodenbach Vintage, Rodenbach Grand Cru and Rodenbach Alexander.