Photographer Lara Gasparotto resolutely follows her own path


Her professional knowledge, unconventional approach and disarming charm mean that Lara Gasparotto, who is just 31 years old, can already look back on a brilliant career.

The phenomenon that is the Liège-based photographer was born in 1989. Shortly after finishing her studies at Saint-Luc, she caught the attention of Antwerp gallery owner Dries Roelens, who has a nose for young talent. Things moved fast from the start. He collaborated with Lara on an exhibition in Berlin and even in China, where his connections allowed her to exhibit. At just 20 years of age, the artist had already made her international breakthrough.


Why does Lara Gasparotto stand out? Firstly because of her very mixed portfolio of breathtaking landscapes, interiors, abstract images, young, uninhibited characters, nudes and other sensual scenes, as well as ordinary objects from everyday life, shots taken in both colour and black and white. But more important than what she photographs is how she does it. With seemingly inexhaustible spontaneity, with ease, far removed from the classic aesthetics expected in the world of professional photographers. The result is a series of slightly slapdash, grainy prints that immediately catch the viewer's eye.


Immerse yourself in 'Ask the Dust', her latest photo book, published by the prestigious Ludion. Each photo gives off a tangible tension and makes the viewer float between dreams and reality.


It is difficult to move away.