Pauline Beugnies, winner of the Camille Lepage Award


Photojournalist Pauline Beugnies, who was born in Charleroi, has received the Camille Lepage Award on Thursday 1 September 2016 at the 28th edition of the international photojournalism festival « Visa pour l’image ». This event is held annually in Perpignan in southern France.

Pauline Beugnies, who finished her journalism studies at Ihecs Brussels in 2005 and had been working on different projects in Congo, Bangladesh and Albania, has been concentrating her work on the Arab world and on the stereotyping of the Muslim community.  After receiving a grant from the Journalism fund, she has lived in Egypt for 5 years, where she has been learning Arabic. She knows the Liberation Square (or Tahrir Square). She was there on the famous date of 25 January 2011. This young woman witnessed the events that took place there. Besides, she has been able to connect with this Egyptian youth that is attracted by independence and change. The statements from these young activists are reflected in her touching and captivating reporting project.

Since then, this generation’s struggle is passed over in silence, away from the media.  Yet, for this young woman it is essential to ensure that this resistance is not forgotten. The documentary gives testimony on human rights violations and on the regime’s violent repression against these young activists. It has received the Camille Lepage Award at the 28th edition of the international photojournalism festival and will be featured in Perpignan in 2017.

The association « Camille Lepage – On est ensemble » was established on 20 September 2014, after the death of French photojournalist Camille Lepage while reporting in the Central African Republic.  The association’s mission is to transmit the objectives and values of Camille Lepage. Through her pictures, she had set herself the objective of conveying to the world the suffering and the living conditions of populations in remote areas or in conflict situations. The Camille Lepage Reward tends to support the long and hard work of a photojournalist.  

This award and the prize money of 8000 euros funded by the French Ministry of Culture and  Communication will enable Pauline Beugnies, winner of the 2016 Camille Lepage Award, to continue her work in Egypt.