A pastis from Liège wins gold


The Noblesse brothers win a gold medal for their Belgian pastis!

This gold medal joins two others, as the spirit had already stolen the show at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles in 2021 and the Frankfurt International Trophy in 2020.

This time, at the Concours International de Lyon, the Belgian pastis stood out to a jury of experts that included oenologists, sommeliers, restaurant owners and wine merchants. Brothers Guillaume and Edouard Noblesse have made sure this Belgian pastis gained a good reputation.

The story of this pastis actually began in 1882 in Hasselt, when Michel Noblesse, the great-great-grandfather of Edouard and Guillaume, founded the company. Three generations later, the Second World War put an end to the Maison Noblesse's activities. But that was until the involvement of Edouard and Guillaume. In 2017, they decided to revive the project they had heard about their entire childhood. Like their ancestors, they use old recipes to concoct organic alcohol from seasonal products.

Their Pastis Ardent is a surprise, with its sweet blend of spices and botanical freshness and is made with a dozen plants ranging from wormwood to angelica.

Alongside it, eleven other Belgian spirits received the gold medal, including another pastis (Distillerie Gervin), but also some gins (Waterloo Original Gin, Double Gin), liqueurs (Houillon-Wauthier), rums (Rhum Babs), vodka (Distillerie de Biercé), whisky,... And among the medal winners, we also find spirits from Italy, France, Greece, etc.


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