Opening of Brussels' First Food Market


17 restaurants offering various cuisines have set up shop in the same space in the heart of Brussels. Welcome to Wolf, the capital's first food market.

In Rue Fossé aux Loups ("wolves" in English), right near Place De Brouckère, the building of the former CGER Bank has been renovated and converted into a large culinary space, all while maintaining many aspects of its original purpose. Under the supervision of Brussels architect Lionel Jadot, the former transaction windows have been turned into counters for restaurant owners and many vintage decorative elements have been reused in the large, open 500-m² space, at the centre of which is a very large bar offering two beers brewed on the spot and more. Tables made of salvaged wood and various stands are all organised around this central space.

Each different from the next, the restaurants offer a selection of very eclectic and cosmopolitan dishes, inspired by a trendy concept that has caught on in many of the world's large cities, following the example of New York's emblematic Chelsea Market. In addition to an organic market and a micro-brewery, the 17 restaurants allow visitors to travel through Asia, India, Ethiopia, Syria, Greece, Italy, Hawaii and Japan, alongside renowned Belgian staples like the Dierendonck Butcher's Shop, Yves Mattagne's Gauffres & Waffles and, of course, Belgian chocolatiers...

Wolf is open 7 days a week, from 8 a.m. until 11 p.m. and all payments are made electronically.