Museum of Illusions : no optical illusions


Sometimes our brain distorts reality through our senses. From 1 July in Brussels, visitors can discover everything there is to know about the subject in the largest museum of illusions in Europe.

This new museum will be hosted by the Théâtre de la Gaîté, a former temple of review shows, built in 1912 in the "beaux-arts" style at 18 Rue Fossé aux Loups in Brussels. There, near the Place de la Monnaie, around 700 square metres are now being used to explain the functioning of our brain, our sight and our perceptions. Visitors are immersed in an interactive, educational and entertaining walk through the world of optical illusions. However, according to the museum's management, entertainment is not the main objective, as the scientific approach remains a priority. The riddles and puzzles in the smart room should help us understand why our sensory perceptions sometimes distort reality. We just have to learn to look differently to start seeing the world differently.

Until now, anyone who wanted to find out exactly how our sensory perceptions work had to travel to Paris, Rome, Zagreb, New York, Shanghai, or elsewhere. Each of these cities already has a museum of illusions. Now Brussels can also provide answers to your questions about optical illusions.