Michelin Guide grants Belgium 11 new stars


Eleven new Belgian restaurants can boast a Michelin star in 2017. There are also two Belgian three-star restaurants in the famous culinary guide. This confirms Belgium's status of one of the best gastronomic countries in the world.

In many countries, the Michelin Guide constitutes the prime reference when it comes to gastronomy. To evaluate the excellent kitchen and service of restaurants, each year the guide awards a number of Michelin stars. Two Belgian restaurants continue to excel in 2017 with three stars: Peter Goossens' Hof van Cleve in Kruishoutem and Gert De Mangeleer's Hertog Jan in Zedelgem. Furthermore, eleven new restaurants receive one Michelin star. The most striking example is probably the Bozar Brasserie, which is associated with the Brussels' arts centre with the same name.

Overall, 143 Belgian restaurants can call themselves a Michelin-starred restaurant in 2017. That's three more than last year, and Belgium scores much higher than most of its neighbouring countries. Especially when it comes to affordable, accessible restaurants, Belgium excels. Besides the Michelin stars, no less than 179 Belgian restaurants received a so-called Bib Gourmand. This is an award for restaurants with a menu of maximum 37 euros. The Michelin Guide jury believes that the quality of the Belgian gastronomy only increases.