Maredsous enters the gin market


As they noticed that the soil around the Abbey was fertile and packed with botanical herbs, the Desclée de Maredsous family decided to start manufacturing its own gin.


Maredsous Abbey, famous for its beer production, has now started to produce gin. The many meadows on the site are suitable for growing tasty crops with medicinal properties, and are thus ideal for gin production.


During an interview, Adrien Desclée de Maredsous expressed his desire to return to his roots on the family land, and in particular to promote the local economy by creating a gin from indigenous crops. Distillation currently takes place in Liège despite the desire to produce locally, with short supply chains. However, it will move to the local area during 2020.


Maredsous gin claims to be organic and only uses certified organic grains. It also supports the protection of lakes and rivers and soil integrity by avoiding pesticides and toxic chemical products. The gin is available in three varieties - Invictus, Valéo et Aéquatis - created by infusing some ten medicinal plants in organic grain distillation. It is packaged in bottles produced in a traditional glass factory in Milan and then decorated in Belgium.


The co-operative created for the gin production also supports the Maredsous Abbey foundation by donating a percentage of its turnover.