Mardi, a new eco-friendly clothing brand


Created a year ago, this women's ready-to-wear brand aims to produce environmentally friendly and sustainable clothing.

Marie Smits is a 29-year-old woman from Brussels who has embarked on a project to create a new brand aimed at attracting women who, like her, want to combine casual elegance with respect for the environment. She therefore offers creations that favour quality materials and timeless cuts by developing limited edition capsules that are modern, feminine, and modestly coloured. According to her, simplicity is the greatest elegance.

When choosing fabrics, she is extremely careful, although she realizes that it is difficult to achieve a label that is 100% sustainable. However, all the pieces are made of natural materials, or materials with a low environmental impact.

The wool she uses comes from sheep that have been raised in the Italian Alps or the English countryside. If possible, Marie Smits opts for recycled wool or wool dyed exclusively with natural elements (plants, berries, flowers). She also favours linen, a natural fibre grown mainly in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, which is strong and durable. In addition, she opts for Tencel, a synthetic fibre of natural origin that is completely biodegradable and produced from wood pulp (FSC certified). As for cotton, she only uses it sparingly.

All Marie Smits' creations are available in her shop in Ixelles or via the Mardi portal.