Living Planet at the Museum of Natural Sciences


A new gallery has been opened at the Museum of Natural Sciences. Covering an area of 2,000 m², 850 stuffed animals are presented in their respective habitats.

Over two floors, all classes and types of animal life present on earth have been brought together. For the aim of this new permanent exhibition, according to Sophie Boitsios, one of the designers of Living Planet, is "to have a global image of the planet's biodiversity."

It took four years of preparation to finalise this project, which deliberately distances itself from scientific canons usually based on species classifications. As Cécile Gerin, another of the gallery's designers, explains: "We want to induce a wow effect from the outset that reflects the abundance of life, habitats and ecosystems."

This new 2,000 m² space is the perfect complement to BiodiverCITY, the permanent exhibition on biodiversity in the city, and Antarctica, the temporary exhibition extended until 3 January 2021. Thanks to 3D models, playful animations, audio testimonials and the use of visual media, the Living Planet exhibition provokes a feeling of admiration for nature and highlights the immense biodiversity offered by our Planet Earth.

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