The list of Official Suppliers to the Court is growing


Last month, the Royal Palace published an updated list of Official Suppliers to the Belgian Court. It was the opportunity to find out more about this tradition, which promotes craftsmen, entrepreneurs and others that can literally say that "The customer is King"!

Whether the tailors at Rose & Van Geluwe, the lawnmowers from Kempeneer W Machines, or the floral arrangements by Daniel Ost, the new Suppliers to the Court all have one thing in common. They are devoted to their profession, always seeking to achieve excellence, with a clear work ethic, but, above all, they are deeply committed to our small country.

The first reference "Supplier to the Court" dates back to 1833, to the very origins of Belgium. No fewer than 118 suppliers now hold the title. This honorary title is not awarded for life and certain conditions have to be respected in order to keep it. Firstly, the product or service proposed must continue to be of good quality. Next, naturally, it is necessary to continue to supply this product, without which the title becomes null and void. Also, when there is a change of reign, there is no guarantee for suppliers that this title will be preserved.

Appearing on this list is a vote of confidence by the King. The suppliers have the right to use the Royal Coat of Arms accompanied by the designation "Belgian Warrant Holder", which allows them to benefit from greater visibility.

If you want to draw inspiration from the Official Suppliers to their Majesties the King and Queen, or simply discover which companies and craftsmen offer sufficient quality to receive this honour, the list of suppliers as well as the history of this tradition can be discovered here.