Let's take a walk in the woods...


Winter is behind us, or at least we hope it is. So let's put on our walking shoes and recharge our batteries out in nature.

A few walking ideas in Flanders.

The Mystery of Silsombos

Lying between Mechelen, Leuven and Brussels is the humid forest of Silsombos. Thanks to the wooden paths that have been created, you can avoid the wet and muddy sections and enjoy the marshy grasslands and wild oaks. You might even come across the statue of Our Lady called "Zwarte Madame", sheltered by an ancient oak tree.

A walk through grapevines

If you want to take a walk through grapevines, then head to Wezemaal near Rotselaar. Grapes are grown traditionally on the hillslopes of Wezemaal like in the Middle Ages. You can walk through vineyards, orchards and nature reserves. 

The wooded dunes of De Haan

If you're on the coast, you can enjoy Duinbossen nature reserve, which stretches over 152 kilometres between Wenduine and Bredene.

Starting at the Belle Époque tram station in De Haan, you will walk past splendid villas from the 1900s to reach the beach, after which you will walk straight on into the wooded dunes with their typical, seaside flora and fauna. You might come across some red wood ants: Almost 700,000 of them live in one ant hill.