La Marlouf, a Moroccan blonde Made in Belgium


Belgium is obviously the best place to be for beer. For La Marlouf too, a Moroccan blonde Triple of 8% flavoured with orange blossom

In 1998, 19-year-old Yassine Kouysse arrived in Brussels from his home town of Meknes in Morocco after two days on buses to study architecture. At the age of 43, he is a little tired of hearing clichés about Moroccans, Morocco and its culture. He went looking for a project that could really connect Belgians and Moroccans and had an ingenious brainwave. What's the first thing you would come across over here? That's right – beer.  

 He immediately turned it into a joke by christening his unique beer recipe La Marlouf, a rather unflattering term for Moroccan. A deliberately and slightly provocative choice, which bears witness to the typical zwanze of this Brussels inhabitant. Not a hint of controversy. On the contrary, his friends in Belgium, Morocco and elsewhere and the best Belgian beer shops and delicatessens are as charmed as he is by the name and quality of this soft, tasty, floral La Marlouf, with its long aftertaste but spicy character. There's even a star restaurant that has it on the menu! You can either drink it as an aperitif or with a delicious stew or a spicy dish.

The praise got Yassine dreaming. Why not start your own brewery that specialises in Triples with the most daring names, such as Macaroni, Fransquillon or Flamoutche?