Jupiler celebrates its 50th anniversary !


There is a most beautiful Belgian blonde who just turned fifty ! Much appreciated by all Belgians, especially in periods of festivities, Jupiler has remained Belgium’s sweetheart, despite the years that have passed.

Jupiler’s history started at Jupille in the province of Liège, in the Piedbœuf brewery located in the heart of the village. In the fifties Albert Van Damme, member of the Piedbœuf family who was eager to deal with the German competition, decided to brew a blond bottom fermentation malted beer. That’s how Jupiler « Urtyp » was created, while the final syllable « er » gave its name a Germanic consonance !  

Seeing the success of Jupiler Urtyp, the brewer engineers of the Piedbœuf brewery decided to expand its range by lager-type beers. Thus, thanks to the initiative of Albert Van Damme, « Jupiler 5 », which corresponds to the current Jupiler, was launched on 5 September 1966. This beer was immediately successful and became one of Belgium’s favourites. The number 5 referred to the alcohol content and to the number of components in the beer. It was withdrawn later.

In the village of Jupille, Jupiler is a family history. The connection between the brewery and the inhabitants of Jupille passes the generations and is still very strong today. People adore to reminisce over a nice cool Jupiler !

At present, Jupiler is still produced in Jupille by the AB Inbev multinational. It is highly successful with the Belgian public and especially with the age group between 18 and 35.