Jonathan becomes famous with his "Mom I'm Fine" slogan.


This fabulous story started a few years ago in Belgium. Jonathan Kubben Quiñonez, a young 27-year-old from Brussels, decided to quit his job and sell his car so he could travel around the world.

To reassure his Mexican mother, he decided to create an Instagram account on which he posted photos of his travels, posing with a sign on which he writes "Mom, I'm fine".

The young Belgian takes pictures of himself in idyllic and unusual landscapes and places. His photos soon created a buzz and his Instagram account went viral. In 2016, he registered his trademark to protect his concept and subsequently launched a line of clothing, the proceeds of which will be used to finance a humanitarian project in Mexico, namely the construction of a school made entirely from recycled plastics. Funds to the tune of 50,000 euros were raised entirely with the help of his community of followers.

He has twice won the Influencer Awards in Monaco, and in 2018 was also awarded the Green Award, dedicated to environmental awareness. Today, Jonathan has more than 372,000 followers on Instagram and continues to look to the future. His plans include getting in touch with the European Space Agency to attempt to put a "Mom I'm fine" in space.