In the intimacy of the pearls of our heritage


For nearly thirty years, the Belgian company Tour des sites Organisation has been creating sound and light shows that highlight the most prestigious treasures of our heritage from here and elsewhere. It has already held some 700 events in Belgium and abroad, on the façade of Notre-Dame de Paris.

This summer, it is conducting three symphonies of the stones in Belgium (Symfonie der Stenen is the name of the company in Dutch). Rêve de cathédrale, from 1 to 31 August, will pay tribute to the flagship building of the city, Choncq Clotiers (five steeples), which dates back to the 12th century, is classified as a UNESCO heritage site, and famous for the exceptional size of its Romanesque nave. Terre de légendes, from 14 to 29 August, on the Place Saint-Remacle in Stavelot, evokes the birth of the legendary Francorchamps motor-racing circuit, which celebrates its hundredth anniversary this year. La Vallée secrète, from 21 August to 26 September, at the Abbey of Villers-la-Ville, offers a scenic tour along a nocturnal promenade that evokes the golden age of the centuries-old sites.


Each show, in video-mapping, is the subject of an original scenario conceived in collaboration with the municipal authorities and the local history circles, which aims to capture the attention of the spectators from the outset thanks to the evocation of a character, a plot or a legend, linked to the place. For more information, please visit