Historical discoveries with the Heritage Map and the Coastal Tram


String together historical highlights on the Belgian coast with your Heritage Map, from De Panne to Knokke-Heist. Using the Coastal Tram, of course.

This tram line, which is the longest in the world, combines all advantages of frequent stops and travel times, customised tickets, numerous information and sales points, and places of interest always nearby.  And there's no stress to find parking.  However, you may have to deal with a little stress, because what do you decide to do/see and what can’t you fit in? FOB offers you a wide range of options, to suit all kinds of weather.  Just hop from attraction to event with always a snack and a drink within reach.


Strolling through the Westhoek Nature Reserve in De Panne, admiring the surrealist work of the famous painter Paul Delvaux in Sint-Idesbald, day-dreaming among the ruins of the Cistercian Abbey of Ten Duinen in Koksijde, watching skipper Hendrik Gheeraert offend the Germans in Nieuwpoort in 1914, admiring the sunken terrazzo bath in the former interwar holiday home Villa Les Zéphyrs in Westende, reminiscing about Prince-Regent Charles and the Atlantikwall in Raversyde, bracing yourself for a hefty chunk of Ostend with the 'department store full of art' Mu.Zee, Ensor, the old post office building, the Mercator and the Napoleon fortress ... Our time is up but, further on, there's still an idyllic fisherman's cottage, a beautiful pier, the 'Paravang', an old fish auction and the Zwin Nature Park that await as potential destinations.


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