On the Hiking Trail of the Trappist Abbeys of Wallonia


A 290 km marked trail reserved for experienced hikers allows you to follow the paths linking Chimay, Rochefort and Orval, three abbeys famous for their Trappist beers.

The Sentiers de Grande Randonnée (Long-distance Footpaths) association offers hikers a network of more than 5,000 km of walking routes. They are marked out across Wallonia and Brussels, with some routes more suitable for families or designed for a few hours' escape along routes that do not exceed 25 kilometres. And then there's the big hike!  This trail, which connects the only three Cistercian abbeys in Wallonia that produce Trappist beer, is one of its finest hikes, with 290 km of walking in total.

This route has been divided into two sections. The first starts at the Scourmont Abbey in Chimay, with a 174 km hike to the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Saint-Remy in Rochefort. Once you have regained your strength and hydrated yourself well (in moderation if you indulge in Trappist beer), all that remains is to hike another 116 km to reach Orval Abbey.

Apart from the "unusual" walking route that connects them, these three abbeys are also cultural highlights that should not be missed (whatever mode of transport you use). In addition to their world-famous beers, there are other culinary specialities produced by the monks to discover, such as their excellent cheeses. Others will also seek a moment of spirituality or architectural contemplation.