Henri PFR: Brussels boy, 24 years old and star DJ.


At just over 24, Henri PFR from Brussels belongs to the new wave of Belgian DJs who have become very popular abroad and who make Belgium shine at music festivals around the world.

The extraordinary story of this young man from Brussels began when he was a student in Solvay and was still living with his parents. He decided to set up a studio in the basement to play music on his computers. Suddenly, overnight, he was discovered by professionals through a song that he had posted online. From "Home" and "Until The End", his songs are extremely popular and the young man produces one hit after another. He has gone on tour around the world, from the United States to Asia, and from Dubai to the Tomorrowland festival. Everyone wants the young Belgian DJ! He has since become a star.

Henri PFR is a composer, DJ and producer. A first golden record and a D6bels Music Award are already signs of a beautiful start to his career.

He recently released a new song that he created in quarantine called "Lockdown Music", which he produced at home, along with over 120 people of all ages and all backgrounds, who all appear in the music video. The young DJ, who is an ambassador for UNICEF Belgium, has also decided to donate all profits to the Belgian NGO Consortium 12-12.