Happiness is... good physical and financial health


Belgians associate a happy life with a good state of physical and financial health, family and a social life. For more than half of them, children are not necessary to feel satisfied. These are the headlines from recent results published in the survey carried out by the market research organisation GfK among over 1,000 Belgians.

So physical and financial health are a priority. Time for hobbies and favourite pastimes and possession of real estate also feature high on the wish list. Four important factors where the Belgians have higher than average expectations compared to the 16 other countries participating in the survey. A happy marriage, holidays, managing your own life and having an exciting job also play a part in feeling happy.

What then is not a priority for the Belgians? Having children, as already mentioned. Or having a spot outdoors like a small garden or patio. And they certainly lose no sleep at all over spiritual enrichment, a luxury car or ultra-modern electronics.

GfK conducted this research using an online survey among 23,000 people from 17 countries, including 1,009 from Belgium.