A guide created by Facebook and visit.brussels


Facebook and visit.brussels are partnering to create a tourist guide. Co-created with Brussels Facebook communities, the goal is to discover Brussels in a different way.

Comprised of around forty pages and divided into seven chapters, the 'Brussels Community City Guide' approaches the capital from a different angle. The goal is to be as ecological as possible but also to provide a rich and varied offer based on the participation of Facebook communities themselves.

They brought together their ideas to allow visitors to discover the hidden treasures of Brussels. The multitude of the groups has made this guide a tool that offers diverse activities. Thus, we find just as many sporting events as conversation tables for language learning, child-friendly restaurants, addresses for sustainable eating, volunteer activities, etc.

Following the presentation, Emma Achilli, head of a group dedicated to vegan foods, states: 'I created the Facebook page Brussels Vegan and was very quickly joined by others who follow a vegan diet. Numerous vegan restaurants have opened since, especially thanks to this page.'

This guide can be viewed online at https://cityguides.fb.com/ and also as a printed version in public spaces such as museums and visit.brussels information offices.