Grand Gold medal for Belgian Cockney’s gin


Cockney’s gin, made in Aalst, has won the Grand Gold Medal in the Spirits Selection 2016 of the Brussels world competition that was held this year in Tequila city, Mexico.

Cockney’s has won the Grand Gold Medal, the highest distinction possible, in this year’s Spirits Selection organised by the Brussels world  competition in Tequila City, Mexico. Tasted by 400 experts, Cockney’s has emerged as the winner  among 1150 spirits originating from 60 different countries, an excellent achievement for a product that has only been on  the market for two years!  In 2015, Cockney’s  had already been awarded the silver medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

It was in 2013 that Jan-Maarten Willems, Tom Heeremans  and  Roel Corthals,  three friends and big gin enthusiasts living in Aalst, decided to associate with the owner of the VDS distillery Luc Waterschoot in order to rediscover the recipe of Cockney’s,  the oldest  gin of Belgian origin that had been  distilled in Ghent since 1838. That is how, after numerous  tests and  modifications,  Cockney’s Premium Gin came into being. In particular the presence of juniper, coriander, angelica, cumin, grains of  paradise, yuzu, grapefruit and bitter orange makes Cockney’s gin unique. Indeed, this spirit  that originally contained juniper, coriander and gentian has been intensified with 15 more aromatic herbs, resulting in a long-lingering slightly spicy taste.