Gold for a Belgian flavoured rum


Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to turn their passion into their profession, but that is what happened to Fabian Pierre, who was awarded a gold medal at the prestigious Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

This 34-year-old Belgian devoted ten years of his life to computers, while dreaming of cocktails and alcoholic blends. For some, losing your job is a tragedy, but for him it was the opportunity of a lifetime to start making three flavoured rum recipes of his own invention.

He started quite by chance or by luck when preparing cocktails for friends at parties. In mid-January 2020, he launched his workshop in Brussels and started to produce and market his flavoured rum. He quickly became successful, as his "Rhumantic" has gained international recognition one year after its launch.

Based on agricultural rum from Guadeloupe that is "very aromatic, very floral at the base", he has created three recipes that take their names from the fruit that mainly dominates them: "Le Passionné" (passion fruit), "L'Ananas" (pineapple) and "La Mangue" (mango). And other rums are due to be added to these three soon. It is a wonderful idea for exotic evenings or even just the end-of-year celebrations, as these products can be found and ordered online.