The Gelinaz ! Brussels HQ


On Thursday 10 November, Brussels will be transformed into a gastronomic capital on the occasion of the very first edition of the culinary event The Gelinaz ! Brussels HQ. Twenty of the geatest and most creative chefs worldwide agreed to meet in the capital of Europe.

In the course of this event organized by Gelinaz, a collective entity of international chefs, 20 of the greatest masters of cuisine will meet and cook together in Brussels. This project will be organized  simultaneously with another international gastronomic exchange project, The Grand Gelinaz ! Shuffle (2). The latter will gather 40 of the most prestigious chefs who have agreed to exchange their restaurants, their teams and their lives for several days. The objective of this project is to reach across culinary borders, to enrich creativity and to go beyond the cultural horizons.   

The event The Gelinaz ! Brussels HQ tends to celebrate the international collaboration for the Shuffle and for cooking culinary world creations without any competition.  It will take place in the kitchens of two-star restaurant Bon Bon of Brussels chef Christophe Hardiquest. No details concerning this event will be revealed. Only the names of the chefs will be available and will make all gourmands dream about enjoying the cuisine of those renowned chefs.

The events will proceed as follows: the 40 chefs who participate to The Grand Gelinaz ! Shuffle (2) will only be informed at a very late stage about their future location. Once they have arrived there, they have to elaborate a recipe that is inspired by the culture and the atmosphere of the city and of the restaurant concerned. On 10 November they will serve their creations to the public. In the Brussels headquarters  the recipes will be collected in order to be prepared by the 20 other chefs.  In pairs they will prepare 4 dinners taking 3 hours each. 40 guests will attend each dinner.

Among the Belgian participants to the culinary event in Brussels we can find Kobe Desramaults (In De Wulf *) and Gert De Mangeleer (Hertog Jan ***), as well as Albert Adrià (Tickets *), Magnus Ek (Oaxen Krog **) and Yannick Alléno (Le Doyen ***).

The Gelinaz! Brussels HQ will start on 10 November 2016 at noon, at the exact time when the first Shuffle restaurant will open its doors in Adelaide, Australia. It will end the next day at 3 a.m., at the exact time when the last Shuffle restaurant will close its doors in San Francisco.