Gault&Millau name the Belgian chefs of the year


The famous gastronomic guide Gault&Millau has revealed its choice of the best restaurants in Benelux. A number of Belgian chefs have performed well, achieving excellent ratings.

Bert Meewis from the restaurant Slagmolen in Oudsbergen (Province of Limburg) was named 2020 Chef of the year during the presentation of the new 2020 Gault&Millau guide.

"In naming Bert Meewis as Chef of the year, we are choosing a culinary approach that promotes expertise and serenity, a cuisine that has and keeps to a clearly defined objective. The cornerstone of this restaurant is the authenticity behind the ovens and on the plate", said the editor of the culinary guide.

We should also mention the winners of young chef of the year for each region of the country: Glenn Verhasselt is the winner in Flanders for Sir Kwinten in Lennik, Jean Vrijdaghs and Sébastien Hankard in Wallonia for Le Gastronome in Paliseul and Grégoire Gillard for Barge in Brussels.

The most prestigious restaurants in the country are once again Hof van Cleve with Peter Goossens and Bon Bon with Christophe Hardiquest, with a rating of 19.5/20. And we must not forget the progress made by La Paix in Anderlecht, Boury in Roulers and Le Coq aux Champs in Soheit-Tinlot, which increased to 17.5/20.