The feast in the night


Everyone knows that "you eat with your eyes too". This saying is so true that, during their training, apprentice cooks are also assessed, to a considerable extent, on the presentation of their dishes. The restaurant "Dans le noir", located in the centre of Brussels, goes against this concept, as the guests eat in total darkness.

After Melbourne, Paris, Barcelona, and Casablanca, "Dans le noir" is now in the capital of Europe, at the Warwick Hotel. The procession in single file to the restaurant is done in three stages, led by a visually impaired guide, recruited with the help of local associations. The guests go from a room with dim light to a second one where the darkness intensifies to finally end up in the restaurant plunged in total darkness. There, the waiter installs each guest at his place at the table.


Soon the surprise dishes arrive; the aim of the game is to recognise the ingredients and flavours of the dishes served. It must be noted that when you make your reservation, the restaurant owner will have asked about your dietary requirements and any allergies you may have. As soon as the dishes are served, your imagination is called upon to make up for the loss of sight. Once back in the light, the guests' imaginations are confronted with reality: they are shown photographs of the dishes they've just tasted. 


A unique sensory experience!