Emojis for our Belgian beers!


Belgium is internationally famous for the outstanding number of beers that it produces, as well as the variety of different styles. You'll love the new application from the Federation of Belgian Brewers!

The variety of Belgian beers continues to surprise. Pils, White, Trappist, Blond, Fruit... There's a beer for every taste. However, until now there hasn't been a single emoticon to illustrate any of these Belgian treasures!

The Federation of Belgian Brewers therefore came up with the unique idea of creating the "Belgian Beeremojis" application. Free and available on iOS and Android, this application allows you to invite friends and family to enjoy a glass, illustrating the message with a choice of emoticons. Users will now be able to represent the Maredsous, Waterloo and even the Duvel with specific emojis.

This application forms part of the "Proud of our Beers" campaign by the Federation of Belgian Brewers and the VLAM, the two main national associations. An original idea for those that love beer, and Belgium!

For more information: www.belgianbeeremojis.be