An ecological swimming pool near Antwerp


Would you like to find a magical place where you can enjoy a swim this summer in Belgium? Then go and discover Boekenberg Park near Antwerp.

Then go and discover Boekenberg Park near Antwerp. It has a totally ecological swimming pool set amidst the local flora and fauna. Simply a wonderful place to cool off with family or friends!

This is an old swimming pool where chlorine has been replaced by plants that purify the water naturally and thereby provide completely clean water while respecting the environment. In total, it contains no fewer than 20,000 varieties of aquatic plants that preserve the purity and clarity of the water. More specifically, Boekenberg pool is a large 73 metre-long pond with a depth of between 1.80 and 2.50 metres. You can also paddle with your children in a small 50 centimetre-deep swimming pool and enjoy a large sunbathing area surrounded by nature. What's more, admission is free and open to all.

This little green paradise is the first ecological swimming pool of its kind in Belgium. And as you can imagine, it is an excellent spot for the hot summer days ahead. However, it is a victim of its own success; only 80 people can use it at the same time, so at busy times, there is a 15-minute limit on your time in the water to ensure you can enjoy it safely!


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