Discover the Lieteberg barefoot trail


Are you a nature lover who wants a new experience? How about taking off your shoes and walking barefoot in nature? You can try this unique sensory experience in Lieteberg (Zutendaal), in a beautiful setting where the first barefoot footpath in Flanders is located.

The fact that this almost 3-kilometre long barefoot trail is located in an old sand and gravel quarry, means that the different textures of the terrain can stimulate your senses. Some of the trail is on grass, some on wood shavings, in mud, or in water, allowing you to experience unique, relaxing sensations under your feet. The course also includes some exciting obstacles, such as puddles, a stream, sand hills, a maze, slopes, and tree trunks to climb! The suspension bridge and the 17-metre high wooden watchtower make the barefoot trail even more attractive. You could say it's all about having fun and relaxing as a family. The nature and silence also offer a sense of well-being and ultimate freedom, far from the stress of everyday life.

This is an extraordinary location in Belgium; why not come and discover this trail which is currently the most beautiful in Western Europe?