Dinosaurs show up in your living room...


Virtual tour of the largest dinosaur gallery in Europe

If dinosaurs appeal to you, you mustn't miss the encounter with Arkhane, a 70% complete authentic, 8.7 m long fossil dating from the Late Jurassic (approximately 155,000,000 years ago). In this world premiere, it is being exhibited in the Gallery of Evolution at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels until spring 2021.

Other dinosaurs as well as Arkhane await you in a 360° gallery: the Bernissart Iguanodons, the Tyrannosaurus and the Velociraptors made famous by the film Jurassic Park. Closer to our time, but still in prehistory, are the Lier mammoth, the primitive horse and the Neanderthal found in Spy. But there is more than just the past; you can experience the daily life of the pairs of peregrine falcons who have built their nests in the bell towers of our capital and follow the development of their chicks. And there is an online course if you want to improve your knowledge of biodiversity. If you would rather experience the scientists' research, that is also possible. Do you feel like escaping? Our documentaries will take you on an insect safari with the help of an entomologist, or on an expedition to Vietnam, Siberia or Antarctica.

Experience all this and more from the comfort of your armchair with the wide range of virtual activities on offer on the museum website.