Dinosaurs in Pairi Daiza!


The animal park in Cambron-Casteau is preparing to welcome some new guests: dinosaurs! - Tyrannosaurus, triceratops and brachiosaurus, to name a few, will be the stars of the show for the new tourist season at Pairi Daiza that starts on 31 March. Watch out for their sharp teeth!

Named the best park in Belgium in 2016, Pairi Daiza will soon be opening its doors to visitors, but also to some new boarders. After having recently welcomed pandas, giant bats, dwarf squirrels and two clouded leopards, the park will present its brand-new stars: fourteen life-size dinosaurs.

Exactly the same as those that made you shriek with fear or joy in the famous film franchise Jurassic Park, these large articulated reptiles will be joining the park's other occupants in May. It should be noted that these dinosaurs, visiting from the United States, are not just meant to be decorative or a fun attraction. Each specimen will be accompanied by an information board that will allow visitors to discover these magnificent creatures from the past.

Last year, the most popular zoo in Belgium amazed its public with the birth of the first ever baby panda in Belgium. This year, Pairi Daiza and its collection of giant - and it has to be said rather intimidating - lizards will create a variety of emotions for the public, the type that only a journey 230 million years back in time can offer you.